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Unpaid overtime? Unlawful paycheck deductions? Unpaid salaries, commissions, or vacation days? We can help – even if you're salaried.

"From start to finish, the wage lawyers of DCWageLaw  handled my case in a way that put my mind at ease."

We've helped 600+ employees in D.C. and Maryland recover millions of dollars for:

– Unpaid overtime wages
Off-the-clock work and time shaving

in relief for a computer programmer who was not paid for all of his hours.

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Toll Free: 1-877-373-6421

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in relief for 11 construction workers who were paid straight time for their overtime hours.


in relief for a domestic house worker who had been forced to work long hours for little to no pay.

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 Unlawful paycheck deductions
– Unpaid salaries, commissions, or vacation days

"You Deserve to Be Paid Properly."


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100%  Confidential. We're Not Paid Unless You Are.

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